Tips on How to Book Jobs As a Traveling Stripper

Dancing on the road has paved the way to a lucrative future for many strippers. If you’re interested in going down that road, too, you can definitely look forward to promising returns, as well as an enriching experience. But to make the most out of the process, heed these tips below.

Plan your finances. One of the most important things you should think about as a traveling stripper is your finances. Will you break even, or will you go home with more than what you came with? The risk involved in spending more than you earn is one that needs to be navigated properly. For this reason, we recommend calculating the expenses you will incur from getting around the cities you plan to visit. These include airfare, train tickets, and other modes of transportation. Accommodations should also be factored into your computation, along with daily living expenses.

Know your area’s regulations. Different cities have differing regulations when it comes to being a stripper. For instance, there are areas where you are not allowed to strip all the way, and there are cities that prohibit showing off specific body parts in some situations. Wherever you’re going, read up on what you can and cannot do, so you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules and having to suffer the consequences.

Choose clubs well. Lastly, be discerning when you’re choosing which clubs to dance in. This is not just about money; it will also play a huge role in your safety. As much as possible, read up on reviews about strip clubs you’re interested in, and talk to girls who work there. There are online forums you can check to ask about other strippers’ experience, such as Stripper Web.

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