Safety Checklist for Traveling Strippers

Dancing on the road can pave the way to serious money for traveling strippers. If you want to cross borders, the potential doubles. But so do risks.

So whether you’re looking at traversing state lines or the International Dateline, your safety should be a paramount consideration before you hit the road. Here, we list the most important tips you should remember as a traveling stripper.

1. Protect your personal information. Being a stripper is playing into a fantasy, and lines must be drawn between that and your real life. Do not disclose sensitive information to your clients, no matter how cuddly they may seem to be. If you’re venturing out of your usual dancing spot, it is also good practice to reveal as little as possible about yourself to your coworkers. A few slips of the tongue can mean a veritable truckload of possible trouble, which is something that you definitely do not want if you’re far from home.

2. Research rules and regulations. Another essential reminder to tick off before you go is to research as much as you can about the stripping rules and regulations of the areas you’re visiting. Different cities, different clubs, different calls. A full alcohol, full nude, full contact gig can happen in New Orleans (and Alaska, yes, seriously) but clubs can’t serve alcohol and allow nude dances in Las Vegas. Abroad, the rules vary even more. Know what you will have to contend with, so you do not have to worry about any legal blockade.

3. Travel with a friend. As much as possible, find a stripper friend who is also interested in trying her luck on the road. A buddy system does a lot to up your security, since you will not have to be alone most of the time. Transportation and accommodations, in particular, will not have to be as daunting if you are tackling them with someone that you trust.

4. Have a confidant. Whether or not you will be traveling with a friend, we recommend having somebody that you know you can depend on that you can apprise of essential information about you while you’re traveling and working. This cannot be stressed enough: if bad stuff goes down, you will want to have someone who can bail you out.

5. Screen your phone or luggage. A good rule-of-thumb is to minimize seeming like you’re going to be stripping if you need to deal with customs, so make sure you do not have photos of you in your costume doing tricks on a pole. Similarly, consider having your wardrobe shipped out to where you’re going instead of stashing them inside your luggage, if you’re going abroad.

6. Screen clubs you’re interested in. Do not ever miss out on the chance to vet the clubs you would like to dance at, and find out as much as you can before you get yourself booked. Ask girls who have previously worked at a club you’re eyeing if it is possible, or go online and ask for tips from forums. If you agree to a deal with a manager at a club, also, make sure to get it in writing.

7. Screen your clients. The beauty about being a traveling stripper is the chance to work off the circuit and do shows at private events, if you have the right network. There are platforms, like SeductEve, that aim to help strippers manage that easier. All the same, however, take time to know your clients before you pack your heels and outfits. If you are working independently, for instance, do not hesitate to schedule a meetup at a public place to talk about a booking, and ask your prospective client for an ID. You may even run a minor background check on someone abroad with websites such as Yes, it might take a bit more time, but it will be time well-spent towards your protection.

8. Keep your money safe. Traveling strippers have a lot of potential for significant earnings, and your hard work should be completely monitored and safeguard. You can opt to deposit what you make into your personal account every so often, or you can purchase a portable safe. Do not leave your money in your room.

9. Have enough money for emergencies. In addition, make sure that you have enough funds to deal with any unpleasant surprise. Extra money is necessary for plotting an exit strategy, should you need one.

10. Pack well. In our experience, we have found that working across multiple locations is always more efficient with a functionally packed luggage. It is also safer to never have to go out for accessories or essentials in strange towns. Anticipate what you will be needing throughout your travel, and make sure you have them with you. Don’t forget to bring a laptop and your phone, as well, for extra insurance.

Lastly, do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel that you are not safe. Keep your wits about you, and trust your gut. Good luck!