The Pros of Being a Stripper

Dancing on a pole in heels is not for the faint of heart, and those who are courageous enough to do it have a lot waiting for them. If you play it smart and keep your cool, being a stripper will treat you to these advantages:



The money you can earn while stripping is virtually limitless, if you know how to hustle. Some strippers can earn up to $2400 per night if they work a Champagne Room every hour throughout their entire shift. Traveling strippers, on the other hand, can book as many jobs as they can find, wherever they are. No, that does not mean you can expect to rake in mad cash on your first night. But when you invest enough time to work on your skills, the gig can be very lucrative.



Hate having to wake up at 7 AM to go to work? With stripping, you are in charge of the hours that you want to work. Some clubs do ask their dancers to come in at certain nights, but most strippers choose their working hours. If you’re traveling, too, you have every liberty to choose where to go and how often you will work.



Being a stripper demands physical fitness, and also rewards it. If you have always been dreaming of having sculpted abs, the job will deliver. More than looking good, however, you will also find that you’ll have more physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. Pole dancing alone can build up overall muscle strength comparable to that of other rigorous exercises.


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