How to Prepare for a Stripper Audition

First off, congratulations! It takes a great deal of self-confidence and strength to decide to pursue a career path as a stripper. So now that half the battle is over, it’s time to take on the remaining half: preparing for your audition.

Getting Fit

Not all strippers have to look a certain way to be able to succeed at the job. Remember that you do not have to force yourself into a body ideal that is not achievable. Choose a fitness program that will tone your muscles and make you feel good. Your physical strength and health are important for the demands of the job.

Doing Your Research

When you’re ready to take it further, put together a list of the clubs in your area that are hiring. Stripper auditions vary according to club requirements. For instance, some clubs will screen candidates in their street clothes, while others will ask for a stage dance. Choose clubs that meet your personal standards. A lot of the time, how a club takes care of its dancers is indicative of how safe and successful you will be at the job. Bouncers at certain clubs, for instance, walk their dancers to their respective cars at the end of the night for protection.

When you have chosen, talk to club managers and inquire about the specifics of their recruitment. If you can, ask girls who work at your prospect clubs for tips and suggestions. You may also attend an Amateur Night to personally see what the other dancers do to get hired. Some Amateur Nights also hold competitions, where the winner will nab a spot to work in the club.

Preparing Your Costume

Once you know what you need to do to audition, prepare your wardrobe. Get clothing pieces that you like so you can move freely during your audition, and bring a couple of them so you can change into something more appropriate if you have to. Ensure the safety of your belongings; use a duffel bag that can be locked if you must. Wear shoes with a heel height that you are comfortable with, and put non-slip pads underneath them.

Preparing Your Performance Piece

Choose a song that you will want to dance to. Don’t be pressured about sticking to a certain genre if you personally don’t find it appealing. If the DJ chooses the music, don’t panic. When you’re dancing, just remember to move slowly. It’s a sexiness hack that always works. It’s okay to be nervous, but you can take control of the nerves by being mindful of what you’re doing and enjoying yourself.

Good luck and tell us how it goes!