How to Choose the Right Strip Club

Deciding to pursue stripping comes with plenty of potential for financial freedom, but it also carries various risks. Whether you are a traveling exotic performer or a local dancer, striking the safe point between advantages and problems almost always depends on your choice of strip club. If it’s your first time to work with one or you’re deciding which one to choose, this guide is for you.

Do due diligence. Information is always the best tool in making the right decision. When it comes to scouting strip clubs, knowing what you should plays a direct role in your safety and financial success.

  • Research your area. Whether you’re staying in one area or you’re moving from city to city, you can look up clubs in your location by searching online or networking with other strippers. Find out as much as you can about the culture in these clubs. There are different types, and we recommend working with gentlemen’s clubs and neighborhood men's clubs for your safety. If you are a traveling stripper, make sure to read up on the policies that govern exotic dancing in an area you’re interested in. What is allowed in Las Vegas, after all, may be completely prohibited in Alaska.
  • Talk to the staff. A good gauge of what you can expect from working at a club is what its staff can say about it. If you can, ask them about their club’s business practices, as well as the length of their employment. If most of their staff has been working for a while, that means that the club knows how to take good care of its people.
  • Get in touch with the management. Ask your potential bosses about the demands of the job, the specific policies, the working hours, and the clientele. Also, ask about the audition process.


Attend a performance night.  Even better than looking up relevant information about the clubs that you’re considering is attending a performance night. This will help you personally evaluate the ambience at the venue, as well as the dynamics between the dancers, the staff, the management, and the clients.

Stick to what you prefer. As a talent, you have every right to book only the jobs that you believe will help you earn more while growing your skills. For this reason, it is helpful to look for clubs that meet your personal standards. If you want to ensure strictly no-touch performances, book gigs at clubs that offer that protection.