How to be a Stripper: Physical Considerations for the Job

Stripping appeals to people who need a way to fund their dreams, goals, or lifestyles. However, not all of them are sure they have quite what is necessary to be good at the job. If you’re wondering the same thing, this guide is for you! Below are the most important considerations you need to think about to determine if you are ready to be a stripper.


Fitness does not equate to perfection. No, you do not have to look like you will belong on a catwalk to be able to dance. There are various clubs looking for different types of girls, and as long as you’re physically healthy, you will have a venue for your special kind of beauty.

It is a good rule of thumb, however, to exercise before coming into an audition. This will help you not only look your best, but also be more physically equipped to prove that you’re ready for the demands of the job.

Working Hours

Working as a stripper requires working at night. Before deciding if you should give it a try, make sure first that you do not have a medical condition that will make it hard for you to handle staying up late. If possible, get yourself checked by a physician to verify that you’re fit for the job.

If you tick off the above and you’re okay, you should have what you need to be a stripper. Just make sure to prep for it well, choose a good club, and make smart choices when working. Good luck!