Benefits of The Buddy System for Traveling Strippers

Thinking of going off-the-beaten-track while dancing? Traveling strippers can go a long way when it comes to making money while working your way through different clubs. In addition to the financial rewards, you will also be treated to an experience that will teach you a lot, and help you grow as a performer.

What could be better than doing all of that with a friend? Here are reasons why we recommend bringing a friend along while dancing on the road.

You can look out for each other. Being a stripper comes with a lot of risks, not the least of which is creepy customers. Having another stripper friend can help secure you while dancing on the road, since you two can look out for each other. Going back to your apartment in an unfamiliar city, for instance, will not be as daunting if you don’t do it alone.

Also, dancing at a new strip club by yourself is almost always a hit-or-miss situation with the other girls. A lot of the time, you just won’t know if you can even leave your bag long enough and still find it when you come back. Having a friend there with you assures you of automatically having someone you can trust.

You can share expenses. In addition, you and your friend can share expenses and save more. You can each contribute half of your projected gas money, for example, cook and shop for two, or split the bill for accommodations. And traveling strippers always have to contend with just breaking even, or even spending more than what they earn. With a friend, you have a higher chance of coming out ahead in the balance of expenditures versus earnings.

Lastly, you can doll each other up. Having an extra pair of eyes will enable you two to make sure that you look good as you head off to work. You will get to extend each other’s wardrobe by swapping accessories and borrowing each other’s costumes, and thus work with a more flexible range of clothing for your performances.

Bonus: Booking dances for a strip club you have not previously worked at may prove tough if you are doing it alone. But if you come with a friend, that means more floor time, which translates to more money for the club, which can lead to snagging a spot more easily.

At SeductEve, we are committed to helping traveling strippers find jobs wherever they wish to go - and we would be pleased to help you and your friend, too! Sign up with us today to get started.